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This private homepage of Michael Berthold ala Bertel provides freeware and free open source software for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Please feel free to download, use, and share the software provided here for your personal pleasure and the pleasure of others too. If you find this site useful don’t hide it, tell it to all your friends and colleges! Thanks.

Full Copy

With Full Copy you can copy files form defective media with minimum damage to the file content. If some parts of the file could not be read successfully they are replayed with null bytes in the copied file. This is useful especially for recovery of audio and video files from cd or dvd because those files don't depend on every single byte.

Full Copy Homepage

POP3DA - POP3 Direct Access

POP3 Direct Access is a POP3 email client which only downloads the headers of emails inside POP3 email accounts. It's possible to delete email from the mailserver without downloading them. Of course it's also possible to view the email's contents and save attachments.

POP3DA Homepage

Random Data File Creator (RDFC)

Random Data File Creator, briefly RDFC, is a console application for Microsoft Windows, which can be used to create binary files of any size filled with random numbers. So, for example developers can create very large files (i.e. 1 TB) in order to test, how their own application deals with it.

Random Data File Creator (RDFC) Homepage

Show Memory (memory usage monitor)

Show Memory is used to monitor the physical and virtual memory usage of a PC running Microsoft Windows.

Show Memory Homepage


Uptime retrieves the up time of the specified Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP computer. The up time is the time gone since the last system boot. The time output can be printed into multiple lines so that it can be processed by other applications, i.e. PHP. The application contains English and German texts and adopts to the operating system language. NEW: It's possible to specify a user defined output format which makes it more flexible to use.

Uptime Homepage


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