Altered version of TListView control

Screenshot of the column heads of a TListView with a right alligned arrow symbol in the first column head.
The Borland Delphi TListView control, in contrast to the windows implementation, cannot right allign icons in column heads. Furthermore it's difficult to realize this option in a dervived class because there are methods involved that cannot be overwritten. Therfore the extension of the TListView control is implemented directly in the unit ComCtrls. The columns of the control (class TListColumn) now have a new property ImageRight, which is used to align a icon set for the column head right from the text, like it is shown at the picture.

If you don't want to use the altered unit ComCtrls you will get an error at line 46 in the unit UListView when compiling the application. It's because the usage of the property ImageRight in this line:

46: for iLVC := 0 to LVControl.Columns.Count - 1 do LVControl.Columns[iLVC].ImageRight := True;

You can easely avoid the error by simply setting a comment in front of the line but then there will be no right aligned icons anymore.

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